Improved setup ✨

Mission control
for SaaS businesses

Realtime Activity, CRM and Insights to monitor your business,
engage with your customers and grow your recurring revenue.

“What’s happening” happens in Activity

It’s your realtime feed with all important events - new signups, payments, cancellations, plans and activity changes. All updating live as they happen.

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Churn is not happening when a customer cancels…

This is just when you notice it. We'll notify you whenever a customer is at risk, so you can engage before the cancelation happens.

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Directory is your CRM

It's your ultimate contacts list, showing valuable insights about your customers. See when they signed up, what plan they are on, when was their last activity and more.

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See people as people, not emails

Customers get instant, enriched profiles. See what they look like, where they're based, their bio and social profiles.

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In Insights, see how your business is doing at a glance

Have a single source of truth for all your key metrics such as MRR, ARR, LTV, ARPU, Churn and more.